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SOLD... Truck Contractor Cap, Aluminum, Full Size, 6' Bed, $200, Esca-rosa Area

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  • Raven

    Rating - 100%
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    Mar 30, 2020
    Black (goes with any color). No windows and has keys (great for tool security). Third brake light works. Door hydraulics work. Ladder/boat rack is 100% all there. No holes or leaks. Bolt down cap clamps included. Made for a 6 foot bed, but it came off of my 2018 F150 after I bought it just for moving my stuff home from out of state. Was about 3 or 4 inches too long for my quad cab, but that was fine for me because it meant I could still open the electric tailgate while the cap door was locked. Added perk for camping: you can lock the cap, let the tailgate down and climb inside, and from the inside you can close the tailgate and lock yourself in for the night with the electric lock key fob. Sleep secure, knowing your "house" is locked for the night. And with there being no windows, you still have ventilation and light through the 3" gap between the cap door and tailgate. Another added bonus: you can still sit on the closed tailgate (like a bench seat) while inside the cap and with the tailgate closed. At only $200, this cap saves you a bunch of money versus buying a new cap. Call, text or PM anytime, thanks 20210105_090416.jpg 20210105_090508.jpg
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