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If you are in or near the Gulf Coast this is place for firearms buying/selling & discussions.

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Apr 26, 2019
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Panama City, FL
Welcome, I'm fairly new here also, that said site navigation is fairly easy along with the rules. For sale items MUST have a price. Post your questions or posts regarding whatever you post about in the appropriate section.

The members of this forum have been extremely nice, helpful and entertaining during my short time here. So jump in, post away, have fun, and enjoy the camaraderie amongst fellow gun onwers.

Oh, not saying this as a bad thing, some sites are all about gun preservation when it comes to milsurps, that is where I fall into. This site isn't all anal about that, your gun is your gun, what you do to it is your business. You won't get your balls busted here over making changes fo milsurps. I perfer not to modify milsurps, but that is me, and only my opinion.

These guys are pretty laid back and easy going.
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Sep 26, 2012
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Panama City Beach, Fl
GCGF is actually user navigation friendly. Start familiarizing yourself with the Layout by Clicking the "Forum" Tab will take yo to the main Index. Scroll down through major Subjects/Topics. Click what interest you and it will open to that Sections Sub-Section Index and normally List General or Specific Rules for that Sub-Section, followed by the actual topic Threads.. The Rules should be read and understood BEFORE you Post New Threads or Comments. Please avoid falling on your Sword with your initial Posts becase you didn't follow the Rules. It's very survivable but creates work for Moderators moving new Posts into proper Sections and telling you what info the Rules require that you ignored to place in your add. You may have a Topic that covers different areas but needs to be considered together, in this case Post under the primary theme.

You can surf the different Sections reading sub section Topics and threads of interest. Before you Post, check to see if that subject has a Thread or two addressing it or if can you add you question or comment into that flow. Hit the What's New Tab to see what current topics are being addressed and list all activity from most recent on top then goes back chronologically. The New Post Tab will list new Posts added since your last visit. You can add a little about yourself and your firearms/usage interests, possibly start a bit of interaction with common interests.

That should get you rolling in the right direction. Welcome aboard.
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