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Match Results for IDPA Sat Nov. 23, 2019, Link for Dec. 15 match and some NEWS

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Dec 28, 2013
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Pensacola, FL
Hey Guys:

Here is the link to today's match results. https://www.practiscore.com/results/new/98257

The little bit of rain we had made for wet targets through half of the match, but we made it through and it never rained hard enough to make things unsafe, although you had to watch your step in some areas as it can be very slippery.

The registration page in Practiscore for next month's Sunday match is already open. Here is its link: https://www.practiscore.com/nwfdps-idpa-sun-dec-15-2019/register.

Regarding Waivers for non-members of Escambia River Gun Club: This match registration page DOES HAVE ERML'S waiver attached to it. For those of you who ARE NOT MEMBERS of Escambia River Gun Club, it would be very helpful if you were to print this out, fill it out entirely including your signature, and bring it with you to the match to make things go more quickly. The range's board is making the determination as to whether JUST CHECKING the Waiver box is sufficient for their coverage or if we still need a piece of paper, so please bring it with you. If you ARE A MEMBER OF ERGC, you DO NOT need the waiver.

We are in the planning stage of a "Combat style" match early next year, with a round count of at least thirty rounds per stage; sort of USPSA meets IDPA using Cover but shooting many poppers, lollipops, dueling tree(s), maybe a plate rack and of course cardboard targets. Round count will be from 150 to 200. We will hold it on the Saturday of the month and set most of it up on Friday the day before so that we just have to put out the targets Saturday morning. Because of the "plethora" of targets and setup, the match cost will be $5.00 more, so $25.00 for non-members of ERGC and $20.00 for ERGC members. This is JUST FOR THIS MATCH.

We plan to make it Challenging AND FUN, so keep your ears open and your eyes peeled for it. You will have plenty of notice. Hopefully, we will also have another bay open on Range 7 by then for a total of five stages, which will help out our IDPA matches too.

Looking forward to seeing you at the future matches,

Mike Robinette
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