45 ACP bullets 5 miles north of Whiting Field CLOSED, ALL CAST BULLETS SOLD

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    Dec 17, 2012
    All lead bullets are 4 cents each. BRASS IS ALL SOLD. Not all brass is shown in below photo. A quick look at brass showed separated commercial along with deprimed 1974 USGI brass. Can set your "order" aside as you wait for more items to be counted and posted. The lead bullet price is barely above what you'd pay for scrap lead. Be patient with me as I count and sort other items. Next should be 38/357 bullets and brass.

    THERE IS NO 44 MAGNUM OR 45 LONG COLT STUFF THAT I'M AWARE OF. Primers and powder are in my other ad. Thank you for all the stuff sold so far.

    Missouri Bullet Co 185gr SWC, 2 500 ct boxes, $20 each
    Magnus 185gr SWC, 475 ct, $19
    Falcon Bullet Co, 230gr RN, 461 ct, $18

    Sierra 185gr JHP, 110 ct, $8. SOLD

    71E83B8A-3E89-435B-82C2-B457FAF290FD.jpeg 534D30C0-8E6C-4BD4-BDED-21DB934EEA49.jpeg BCC15DCD-66FD-4F4C-96E7-D37AAAFC7F11.jpeg
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