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First thought yours was 556. I’d love to have 300bo. Problem is ammunition. Do you have any? Second issue your in FWB. I’m in Perdido Key Fla. I’m getting over bad cold, not covid I was tested, and was negative.
I have a few boxes I can through in. If you want to do the deal, I don’t mind coming that was in the afternoon. Just give me a call and we can discuss. Thanks Rob 850.902.1686
please reply to my private message, or "conversation" as it is now called. In the upper right of your screen, next to your forum name, is an envelope...click there and reply. profile messages like this one are not private. Thanks.
Hey Heath - this is Joel. Did you sell everything the fellow had. I just want to know if I should stop in next time I'm up in Brewton. Thanks, and good job selling that stuff so fast, Joel
He’s sir. The guy bought everything. Sorry brother!
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No problem - thanks for the reply. Joel
Hello TraderDan. Let me know if you can mail the 7mm*08 bullets to me. I am having test at the hospital and dont know how long I will be there. I can paypal or send you a check before you ship. THANKS--JIM
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