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    I purchased my first in 1970 it was a ruger buntline 22/22mag with a 9 inch barrel, I was 16 years old at the time. I knew that I had to have a license to have it so I went to see the sheriff, I walked into his office and he called me by my name ( how the hell he knew me I had no idea) he asked me how he could help me so I told him I needed a pistol license, he asked me my age so I told him, he said that the age was 21 to get a license, I told him that I understood but if he didn't give me one that I would carry the pistol anyway. He looked at me and said that will be $5.00. I have had a license ever since, end of story

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    My first in 1971 was a Ruger Standard Automatic with 6” barrel & fixed sights.
    Used accumulated High School Graduation money to pay for it at KMart located corner of Davis Hwy and Brent Lane.

    Dad didn’t want me to have it but finally convinced him to sign for it.
    Wasn’t long before I could not miss anything with that pistol. Eventually sold it and in 1979 bought a Ruger Mark I Target from Montgomery Wards in Cordova Mall.Still got it!
    Can’t miss with it even today if the target isn’t too small.
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    My first handgun was a Walther P22. I had expressed interest in shooting to a friend of mine, and for reasons I can't recall, he steered me toward the P22. It was fun to shoot, but picky about ammo and quite a chore to get back together after cleaning - screws and springs launching everywhere. That didn't stop me from buying the "matching" Walther G22 as my first rifle.

    I eventually traded the P22 toward my first carry gun, a Beretta PX4 9mm subcompact.

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    First firearm was a Hi Point 9C... what a brick, but I was broke back then and it was cheap. Besides being big, heavy and ugly... damn thing was reliable. Canít say I miss it though.

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