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    Got to shoot my SW22 Victory for the 2nd time. The 1st time was with an old mixed batch of ammo, age unknown and as a result, had several failures. This time I shot mostly Aguila Super Extra and the stuff ran perfectly. I'm really liking this pistol and the fiber optic sites are a big help in amplifying what little light is available.
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    One of my buddies brought me his old Winchester 24 in 12ga a few weeks back. Wanted me to bring it to my shooting partner to fix an issue it had. Just couldn't stand it when both barrels fired. I asked if he needed me to put the toilet seat down for him. Then I told him sure I would take it up and did.

    We took it down a few weeks back and found a couple of problems. I told him to buy the 2 new sear springs someone cut off. The other problem was sear engagement on one side. It may have only been 1/4 engaged if that and wasn't shaped well. He reshaped the sear for better engagement and touched up the other side for good measure and reassembled.

    I delivered it back to him this afternoon and we decided to try it out at the skeet club. It was taking him a long time to shoot. I just had to ask once again if he need help with the toilet seat. That lit a fire under him. He ran about a half a box through with no doubles and he was grinning. He insisted that I fire the rest of the box. Old thing shoots pretty sweet. It has been a minute since I shot skeets with a M/F S/S if ever...I did manage to break more than he did

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    Can't say I blame him for being leary/twitchy of setting off a "another double". Give him a Metal for shooting a 1.5 ga (12ga=.7292 = 1.458). Lol . Always good to hear about helping hands.
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