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  • Thanks for the note. Two things.....if something falls through on the Hellcat clock, I'm interested. Would you tell me who buys it so I can ask if they'd resell it? My Dad flew Hellcats.

    will you eventuall]y split any of this
    would be interested in tumbler and primers

    I should explain my "testing locked thread feature" posts. If a thread is "locked" seems like no more posts should be possible. Kind of a tounge-in-cheek way of encouraging the site admins to see about getting the feature fixed. Sorry. I was starting to get the impression some of the rules were not being so strictly enforced. I'll try to behave better.
    Believe me, the threads not locking is super annoying to the 3 or 4 active mods. We have zero control over the site beyond moderating unfortunately. I appreciate your understanding and the admins are working on a fix.
    I would be interested in trading that Glock 30 for your Sig P-365 XL. Let me know if you are interested. I am in Foley.
    Thanks, david
    Russ its Justin... Ashlyns dad. Where the heck have you been? Hope you're okay.
    Justin - thanks for reaching out. I’m good. Just been shooting in some different spots based on my schedule (Hurlburt and ERGC). I was in Holt when you were in Colorado. Hope you guys are doing well.
    My phone no. is 850-501-4692 Joe Kocon: Call me after 10:00 am, I'm old! We can make arrangements. Do you have a CWP?
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