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Military Service Competition Sept 29th

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Sep 27, 2012
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That would be fun to take part in, even to watch. Even better would be using GI ammo. So who won?
Its set up to be fun.
Carl switched our targets a bit. For the 100 yard we fired at a huge silouette so scores were especially high.
I think the hot weather kept many would be shooters in cooler places being we only had 7 shooters show up.

I squeeked out a 1st in the WWII class with the M1 Garand and a 2nd in the Korea-Vietnam with the SKS. My Son got a 3rd in the Korea-Vietnam class with the SP-1 just one point behind Dad.(176 to 177 out of possible 200).

I was using the Greek HPX stuff for the Garand and Red Standard junk for the SKS and supplied my FMJ reloads for Son’s SP-1.

The REALLY good shots in our area don’t seem interested in showing up for these shoots and I kinda understand. With targets at 50 & 100 yards, the real challenge is those 5 shots standing at 100 yards. Real tough getting those in the 10 ring!

Off the top of my head, BlackhawkKid308 and Frommer Stop are 2 excellent shots that when they show up, usually tote off the 1st place Honors.
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