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Match results NWFDPS IDPA at ERGC for Sun Nov 17, 2019

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Dec 28, 2013
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Pensacola, FL
Hey folks,

Here is the link for today's match at Escambia River Gun Club.


Get yourself ready for an ambitious high round count combat pistol style match early next year with round counts in the thirties per stage. It will be sort of like USPSA mixed with IDPA. We'll be using IDPA targets and scoring but with a higher round count, dueling trees, Texas star, steel poppers, maybe a plate rack and oh yeah, those cardboard targets too. It is currently in the planning stage with a date to be determined but it will be held on the Saturday event of the month, which will be THE FOURTH SATURDAY OF whichever month. We will most likely be shooting on FIVE (count 'em) FIVE bays instead of four.

I certainly appreciate your support for NWFDPS these past years and as more and more events occur in our area it means you are having to choose which matches you attend and we know your time can only be spread so far. It is very encouraging to hear of all the events that are now going on in our area giving us much more types of events from which to choose and I applaud you who are able to attend as many as you do. It is great for our sport and hopefully we'll bring many new and younger shooters to our community to keep our tradition strong. We hope to see more ladies and younger folks come out and even Law Enforcement folks to give us a "run for our money" and we thank all of you who are in Law Enforcement for your service and sacrifices.

The next match will be on Saturday Nov. 23, 2019 and we already have quite a number preregistered. Looking forward to seeing you there.

If you have any suggestions or complaints my phone is 850-549-7968 or just email me.


Mike Robinette

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