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    Local Dealer Section Rules

    Welcome Local Dealers!

    We created this section in order to separate Local Dealer postings from the private sales here on the site. I hope that this will give our Local Dealers an opportunity to provide the ever growing member base here with some special deals and offerings! There is a one time fee of $50 for posting here. That fee will be used in full as a giveaway to a member to be spent at a local dealer of their choice.

    All Local Dealers are welcome to post in this area, simply contact me and I will make the changes to your account necessary to post!

    Just a couple of rules:

    1: This section is for Local Dealers to post specific items, please no general advertisements.

    2: Pricing must be listed on all items, if the product you are offering is below MAP, please list it at MAP and let the members know to PM for a special deal.

    3: All posts in this section are moderated, it takes some time for them to appear because I look over each post prior to approving them.

    4: Treat the forum members fairly! I reserve the right to remove any Local Dealers as I see fit.

    Thanks Guys!

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    Sorry about that. I was looking at rules and didn't see anything on there regarding dealers. Thanks for letting me know.

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