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    Buck with new 6.8 build

    Hunting back down in central FL (home), decided to hit the stand. This guy came running in grunting at a doe who was at my feeder.

    Not as big as the one I got the other day up in north FL, but ok size for down here.

    Used a new 6.8 SPC build with a Bison Armory 18" SS Fulcrum barrel. Hand loads with Hornady 120gr SST. No need for an accuracy shot, he was only 10 yards away at a fast trot.

    Hit the backend of the rib area, he went about 35 yards.

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    Nice deer again there sir.
    I have had a stainless 18" 6.8SPCII Bison side charge for over 7 years now. I initially bought it for a day gun,then I switched it over to my thermal host about 2 1/2 years ago.
    It shot the 120gr Hornady SST's extremely well. The 18 inches of bbl + bbl twist rate + high B.C. of the bullets, made this combo a super killer of hogs,deer,and the longer range coyotes.
    My Bison is the most accurate AR that I own. ---SAWMAN
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    Is that a suppressor?

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