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    What is weirdest/scariest thing you have seen while hunting?

    I was thinking about this the other day. Iíve heard of hunters seeing things in the woods. I thought it would be cool to see what you all have seen. Iíve heard of hunters finding meth labs, moonshine, bears, hogs, panthers etc.

    For me I was dragging a huge hog out of Eglin one night and the Coyotes were yipping. Scared me.

    My hunting buddy was walking to his stand early one morning and came upon a bunch of hogs. Had to jump behind a tree.

    What have yíall seen?

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    I had a bobcat stalk me while turkey hunting one morning. I first saw him when he was about 50 yards out, watched him till he got within 10 steps thats when he couldn't figure me out and spooked. It was cool cause I had the upper hand so no need to be scared I just would yelp lightly with my mouth yelper and watch what he did, had him totally fooled but also had my shotgun trained on him at all times.

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    The scariest thing I’ve seen , was three city folks dressed in brand new Bass Pro digital camo clothing carrying new rifles and wearing new snake proof boots headed into the leased hunting land next to my farm.
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    Only twice have I been scared in the woods ...

    Wolves at night while snow camping in the UP of michigan. They would stay just out of the light from the fire. Build the fire up and they back up, fire dies down they would move in closer.

    Kayaking in the spring turkey season, it's also alligator mating season. Oops! Came around a bend and saw a 16 foot female with her tail arched in the air and mouth open making sounds like Jurassic park. Wish I could have gotten a pix but was too busy $hitting my pants....
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    Packs of coyotes howling close by while walking in the pitch black down a narrow trail in the woods always gets my attention. The only real time I got scared was one morning I was late getting out and it had just started getting light out. I crossed a bridge over a creek and turned to down a dark trail and all of the sudden it sounded like a giant was crashing through the woods coming at me. My heart was beating pretty good by the time I figured out it was about 15 turkeys who had come down off their roost early and took off not 10 yards from me in the woods crashing through the trees as they took off!
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    Let me in addition to the scary part, a dumb thing I did earlier in my hog hunting career.

    A large hog down, and I walk up to it in the dark with a flashlight on looking at its eyes and thinking to myself, it looks like it is looking at me. Here comes the dumb part: I'm get within a few inches of its snout and bend down to look along its body to see if I can see it breathing. It whips its head trying to get me with its cutters. I stumble back and shoot it in the head. He was good eating. At that time, it was my largest at 272 pounds. I no longer get that close until I am sure the hog is dead and pay attention to that little voice inside you.

    ***The hog was upright with its legs under the body. Sawman subsequently taught me an upright hog may not be a dead hog. Luckily the bullet had hit the spine, so its legs did not work.
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    I was hunting this powerline in Holt when I watched this meth monkey crest the hill and commence to throwing everything out of a shooting house at 600yds...

    I get on the phone with FWC and tell em my location as this dude makes his way towards me. After watching him, it was obvious he was on drugs/mental, and I got out of the box and watched as he got closer. He was unarmed but I held him at gunpoint until green jeans/okaloosa county both arrived. Apparently they had a lot of run ins with this fella.

    That's about the most nervous I've been in the woods.

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    Shortly before graduating High School I drove to an area in the woods off a dirt road where me and friends often shot. This spot was in a longish valley between two paved state roads with multiple dirt roads in the valley going one way or another. While loading for another round of fire I heard a vehicle coming into the area on a side dirt road that passed nearby.

    I moved to an elevated spot and watched a truck drive in, park, and an older guy got out. He slipped a pistol in his waistband and walked around before heading down the side road towards where I was shooting near a creek. I had parked a ways back on another side road, so I watched him as he roamed the stream bed near where I had been shooting before heading downstream on the exposed streambed.

    Once he was down the creek a few minutes I doubled back and got out of there in my car. I unloaded my gun before I hit pavement, but until then I was scared and wound up tight!

    People have scared me more than anything I have encountered in the woods, that is a fact!
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    closest WTF moment I've had in the woods was in Kansas... I was hunting the edge of an alfalfa field on an evening hunt... nothing i wanted to shoot so I got down at dark... I was removing my climber and heard what sounded like a monster rushing my way on the trail i was on.... just then a small 100lb doe ran by within 3 feet of me and a large coyote that was chasing her... both passed within a few feet and ran into the field, I could feel the wind as they ran by....... i turned my head to see the doe turn left & the yote turn right .... both running wide open to get away from me then..... not really scary more unexpected but really cool to have seen....
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