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    Taught my daughter (now 30yrs old) how to shoot with this and now i'm teaching my 6 year old grandson with the same gun.


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    Need air gun recommendations

    Ive been thinking more about it, and I think Im gonna stick with a low velocity 5 meter traditional BB gun, something under $100 and with a top rail for a red dot.

    Ended up going super cheap and ordered a Crosman Pumpmaster 760PX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CESwartz07 View Post
    Looks like you have to be a member of a CMP affiliate club to get one of those

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    No you do not have to belong to a CMP club for the M853. Anyone can purchase. I'm not a member and ordered one, received it a few days later.

    I see you ordered a 760, also a nice starter airgun and fairly accurate. Have fun teaching your young one to shoot!

    Here's a 3 shot group with the 853, that target has 12 1.375" circles, I usually can get 6 or 8 looking like that.
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    Good Shootin!....Is that standing, sitting or prone

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    The CMP M853 is awesome. It is easy to freshen the seals, and to do a trigger job. At 10 meters, I think mine shoots close to 1 moa. Quite the deal for barely over $100, if the goal is teaching marksmanship and gun safety, or entertaining yourself with precision paper punching in an urban setting.

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