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Thread: HR8 Vote

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankT View Post
    What is the most effective way to diversify your gun holdings so that you still have weapons after a false red flag charge, at least to protect yourself?
    Post hole digger, PVC pipe and caps plus a large tangle of barbed burried over it (to seem endless).

    Here's the deal, what comes after the next four mass shoouting? And four more after that? An so on into the following years/decades? Gun grabbers and politicians want a total gun ban and nothing less will slow them down.

    What validates a tyrannical gov if not changing lawful conduct to criminal acts citizen debating hiding private property from potential seizure and increasing demand and actions to disarm the population from a level already subordinate to the Military, Feds, State and local LE?

    1933 EO 6102 banned gold hording, private ownership limited to $100 in gold coin in the U.S. with few exceptions. Gov paid $20.67 per troy ounce. After they collected it, they raised the Price to $35, pretty good profit from deliberate manipulation. The legality of the seizure was based on the war time Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917! It wasn't until the last day of 1974 that the law was changed, allowing unrestricted private gold possession. Gov can find legal justification for any property seizure they desire and might pay a token amount "gold" or not "BFDs".

    Wild Rider

    Those that give up their guns are on a self destructive fools errand. Tyranny shall never take what it didn't provide: not by paper, not by Court and not by force.

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    They want to track every gun in the country but not every illegal invader? Only liberals

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