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The press is the same as your original post. I like the press and what you don't get with the Anniversary set vs. the link above, you can probably get anyway from the internet. To tell you the truth, I don't use some of the stuff that came with the kit, like the trimmer. I got another trimmer afterward. If you start to like to reload, you will get different tools / things as you go along. I don't think that you can go wrong with that press. Anyway, the $20 that you save with the above link, can go towards a good set of dies for your first reloading session.

As for a digital scale, I have a Frankford Arsenal. But, any digital scale that has a "tare" function should do the trick. Just as a side note, I got some weights (cheap from Amazon), just in case if I want to double check the scale for accuracy. My wife has a digital kitchen scale, so every once in a while, I use that one. I just verify that the scale is accurate using the weights that I have.
Ok, awesome. I do have the dies for the .35 Remington...Lee set.