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    My apologies..I thought this was my friends video. This is a guy that tried it after he recommended it. They don't shoot it in the day time it is more right before sunset.

    You can see the impact in black hot there. When the bullet goes through the material it generates heat. You can put a dot on it to aim at, then you can move the sight to the POI when it shows you where you hit. Even if your bullet goes through the same hole later it will still generate heat just not as much. It is easier than hot hands, heated foil, roofing nails...whatever you are using. They found the product and have been sharing the results.

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    Several years ago I tried an "+" made out of electrical tape. I used three layers.
    When the bullet went thru it generated a heat bloom about the size of a nickel. It quickly faded in about 15 seconds,to the size of the bullet ( .277" ).
    Muffler tape is all I need now. I use 3 layers. Seems that it glows brighter using my green color palette selection.
    I have Butler Creek scope covers on my thermal. No rubber eye cup for me. When sighting in during the daylight hours,I cover my head with a black piece of material. --- SAWMAN
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