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    NOW . . . doing some research on the net . . . seems some AR's were built without a slot/notch to accommodate the return spring.
    This all came about because the Chinese stole the technical drawing for the AR and during the translation they did away with the return spring.
    NOW . . . as per the guys over at . . . some AR's have a working return spring and some do not.
    All owners of a AR should check their weapon for this feature.
    Next comes the sure "tell" as to weather your AR has two gas ports,or only one. JJ showed me this one. ---- SAWMAN

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    Quote Originally Posted by bohica793 View Post
    Wouldn't the pneumatic door closer work smoother?
    I think that breaks the ATF Laws making it a bump charging handle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
    I used to have a bunch of those springs but sold them at the last gun show. Seems like everybody needed one or two.
    The proper nomenclature is "Charging handle 4:1 ratio slack reducing adjustable anti handle slop keeping in place safety oriented trans-gendered wobble adjusted tempered steel spring thingy.
    If you find a source for them, let me know.
    Is that the "Fully semi-automatic" style?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SAWMAN View Post
    Having a problem with my AR. If I pull the charging handle all the way to the rear,lock it open,and the handle stays to the rear.
    Is the return spring missing or broken ?? Could I get another from Brownell's?? --- SAWMAN
    Stick your right index finger into chamber (where the bullet goes into the barrel) and feel around for a little button pin, at the same time using your left-hand thumb, push that little somewhat ping-pong paddle looking button on the left side of the lower (slightly above and to the right of where you put the clip (magazine) in. That should fix your problem.
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    right next to the rate of fire adjustment screw. goes from 200 rounds a minute to 10,000
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