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    M60, I agree with you: accidents do happen, and "draw speed" depends on the person. My point/opinion is that carrying appendix (1 o'clock) is safer than carrying SOB (at 5). More control of the weapon in a crowd. Better visibility when holstering the weapon. The heebie-jeebies some folks get because the muzzle is flagging you all the time? Well, familiarity with the weapon's function, confidence in it's design, and training to properly draw should all help alleviate those concerns.

    Yes, an external safety would help defeat the death-grip draw stroke negligent discharge. It also adds another fine motor skills step to make the weapon function when you need it.

    Gun design, vs comfort level, vs training regimen, etc. Again, to each his own.

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    I have carried guns probably far less than most of you, but to me it comes down to practice and confidence. I carry a few different guns based on the environment. Some have external safeties - most don’t. Earlier this year I tried a CZ rami with the external safety. It was a fine gun and I am a CZ guy, but I just could never get comfortable with it. I’m a lefty so that makes a difference - but if I’m not confident with it I’m not carrying it. I practice in dry fire and live fire with whatever I’m carrying. If I can’t shoot it and draw it well - not happening. I don’t think you can ever dry fire too much with your gear.

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    All my carry pistols have no manual safety. Glocks and S&W J-frames.

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    Agreed. Normally have one somewhere around 4-5-6 and one appendix carry, since not all threats will be presented in front of me.

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    SOB's out...that stuff HURTS if you end up on your back for any reason.
    (SOB-Small Of Back)

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