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    Quote Originally Posted by stage20 View Post
    there is an sw40 at gander mountain used for cheap. want to say it was 250 or 280. may have sold, but 40 doesnt move like it used to off the shelf. some people still prefer it.
    Yes, check Gander for their used guns often. They have some real good deals but the go fast

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    Dan's pawn has good used guns i buy there often

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    Within $30 of your target budget gun...give this forum member a call with a offer.....
    My opinion is if a company makes their product in the US they usually go out of their way to brag about it. If they say nothing about it and you can't find anything about it after a 20-minute search on their website, chances are it's made by 8-year-olds with hammers and lead paint in some place like Uganda or Mongolia...

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