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Thread: Sig P365

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    Well, you can do a couple things while NOT at the range for testing.

    1. Hand-cycle snap caps thru it while watching TV.
    2. Do the Cotton Ball test for burrs on the slide rails.
    3. Make sure the safety really works!

    Those should give you a decent baseline to work with, the only thing you're missing would be actual recoil.

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    I have a P365.
    With the 12 round mag. It fits my grip great. There is some striker drag. But Sig installed a hardened firing pin in the newer versions and eliminated it being a problem. I think it is the best EDC I've ever seen. Trigger is great for a micro and grip is surprisingly small for a 12 round mag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arowzee727 View Post
    Glock 43 mostly. Glock 19, glock 19x somedays.
    I am sure that you saw this but Glock has released the 43x and the 48 (a single stack 19). May be worth a look.

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