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    How To Shoot Like John Wick: Part 2

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    Just got John Wick 1 & 2 to use as training tapes , How meanly times do yawl think I should watch them to be able to preform like him. Need to get that muscle memory down. I know I can do some of it all ready. Just some of the moves my body just don't same to be able to do, It took me a week to be able to walk. Getting a course set up for any one that wants to attend, will need a medical check up and release to attend. jj

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    First on the "to get" list. But ONLY if you want to be a creditable instructor/trainer.
    * At least one sleve tatt.
    * Barbed wire tatt on the other arm
    * Red colored "shooting glasses".
    * Diamond stud earring in the ear of your choice. (But only one.)
    * Lime green or bright red "shooting shoes".
    * Fit to your ears only sound muffler thingies. (Must be green and cost >$400.)
    * Call everyone "doode" and use "like" and "man" at least once per sentence.
    * Start a training website and call yourself something or another "TACTICAL".
    * Only teach from what you have learned from other "trainers" that fit the above description,and NEVER from expierance.
    * Grow a beard.
    * Wear a frayed baseball cap,with curled bill.
    * Drive a deisel powered pickup truck that is half jacked.
    There !! Until you meet the proper criteria . . . you are not qualified to teach anything gun related. --- SAWMAN
    "Why just dance when you can "rock and roll".
    STONER 63A (MK-23 / XM-207)

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    Will “Copy Right Infringement” be taking place on this “Shoot like John Wick” class?

    If so,,,consider me “in”.

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    I took the Red Pill and went down the Rabbit hole! Only watched the Matrix flix once, "downloaded" everything.
    Wild Rider

    Those that give up their guns are on a self destructive fools errand. Tyranny shall never take what it didn't provide: not by paper, not by Court and not by force.

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    I liked the john Wick films. Fun, simple, good gun handling skills and a dog. What is not to like?

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