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    Was over at jj's this AM to bring some blue bbls for his "HOW TO SHOOT LIKE JOHN WICK" course.
    Hurry up and sign up . . . only three slots open. With your deploma you will have a job offer to help at the southern border and you could possibly get a chance to shoot a couple MS-13 gangbangers.
    His next class will be in mid July and will be ONLY for this class graduates. It will be titled . . . "CUTTING CARDS WHILE SHOOTING LIKE JOHN WICK".
    In the fall he will have a mental toughness while shooting class. He caught up with his old "mentor" that Captain guy and will be teaching . . . "CUTTING CARDS WHILE SHOOTING LIKE JOHN WICK WHILE STANDING IN A FIRE ANT MOUND". Pre register now. --- SAWMAN

    "Why just dance when you can "rock and roll".
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