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Thread: Rain a comin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wildrider666 View Post
    I have the wonderful sound of roofers hard at work @my house! Stripped, had a couple of rot spots on edges an two sections busted from the tree impact: three 48 sheets to repair all of it. Finishing membrane now, shingles start in the AM. Crew of 7. Put tarps on ground all around house to collect flying debris but dumping bulk directly in to large trailer. Covered outside HVAC with mesh netting so it can still move air. I got three calls from the big boss today seeing if I had any questions, concerns or problems. He'll be on sight tomorrow. Pretty good job so far.
    Zero $ down, personal check upon my final inspection/approval.

    The rest of my man made HM trash pile was picked up Sunday!
    What is the name of the company?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Droshki View Post
    What is the name of the company?
    Great roof and cleanup. They even folded and bound the tarps I installed and painted vent and power stacks to match drip edged. 12 Work hours, 24 hours from start to finish!

    KING ROOFING & SHEET METAL, Construction & Roofing. CBC 1260945, CCC1330956 BBB Triple A Rated.

    Boss said to give you his personal number, I'll send it by PM.

    General number is (855)544-5464
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