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    Quote Originally Posted by SAWMAN View Post
    At Gander the Mini buck was $14. for 20.
    Cheap enough for me not to have to mess with the other stuff. --- SAWMAN
    How many did you leave us to buy, sawman?

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    Back when I was there they had approx. 20 bxs on display. Most of it was buck with a few slugs mixed in. Unknown how much they had in back.
    Aguila puts this out every so often but not constantly. Anytime that you find it for <$.80 per shot,you should buy it.
    I bought two bxs of buck the last time in. I have about 8 bxs of buck,4 bxs of #7.5 shot,and two bxs of slugs.
    My single shot shoots the slugs fine (and accurately) but my Shockwave does not. They leave a sootie residue throughout the action. I will not shoot any more thru my gun.
    Also - - -> I have bought and tried quite a few different light 2.75",12ga loads in my gun. Nothing (by far) is as fast as the Mini Shells. This,due to the reduced recoil. A 12ga shooting the Mini's would be much faster than the 20ga version IMO.
    Still lovin' (and carring) my little gun. --- SAWMAN
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