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    Question Lyman Digital Powder Dispenser

    Anyone have any 1st hand experience using the Lyman Gen 6 Digital Powder Measurer? I'm thinking on maybe getting one, but would like to hear someone that actually has it and uses it and can comment on it as far as it's accuracy and reliability. The Gen 5 is supposed to be good too, but if it was that good, why build a Gen 6?
    Sure, I've read the internet stuff on it, and lots of the on-line reviews, but you just don't know how much of it is solicited/bogus reviews for the item.
    So if you have the Gen 6, please speak up. I'd be interested also if you have the Gen 5 model as well. Thanks

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    I have the RCBS Chargemaster 1500. I Love it . Accurate to within 0.01 Gns.
    Fast enough ,Remembers all your Cal. Loads.
    I also use the scale to spot check the powder loads from my Dillon 650
    I read all the Reviews and data on all the other brands before i decided on this one.
    Natchez has one of these for $289.00

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    I have used an earlier Lyman. It didn't do too well for me, and the fellow that owned it stuff was regularly pretty inconsistent too.

    I have a ChargeMaster too and find it very good. I check mine with a GemPro. It also stays on most of the time unless it gets a power outage.

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    No problems with my Gen 5.

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    As stated above RCBS is the one to buy . They aint cheap , but if you do alot of load developement / gun accuracy testing they shine . Once you find an accurate load , depending on powder used a very good powder measure will give equal results . Like a chrono it's another tool in the box , not the second coming of Christ .

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