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    And . . . if that 12A "cypress swamp" has cypress and juniper half the size of a car hood with some nice sized sweet gun thrown into the mix,I would look at that as a real asset to your property. ESPECIALLY if it stays wet with standing water year round. --- SAWMAN

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    Congrats on the property! I pray I can do that one day so I have a place to hunt with my two boys we can call our own! Yeah, Coyotes and Bobcats need to go!
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    Looks like a great property. That’s about in the same area my property is. Your just a little north of me. I have several gravity feeders i use and I get my corn from Florala in bulk. It is a lot of work but more so a lot of fun and satisfaction. Congrats and enjoy it!
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    Nice, I have a 110 acres in Jackson county, I left it solid woods and built my house in the middle of it. This is my deer stand, I like to rough it . And entrance to the driveway.
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