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    By all means everyone should stay in their comfort zone with what their preferences are. If we all believe that we are responsible for our own safety/security its just a matter of how much "is enough" for you. It goes both ways, prep for some statistical "average" encounter or something like the 92 LA Riots: dozens dead, 550+ injured and 1000 fires. We've seen riots/mobs in recent years too and they included events where politicians restricted LE from taking action!

    We have other Threads on "Truck guns" (hot and cold).

    Wild Rider

    Those that give up their guns are on a self destructive fools errand. Tyranny shall never take what it didn't provide: not by paper, not by Court and not by force.

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    First of all . . . everyone of us here,that is a "good guy" SHOULD" have a Fla,Ala,etc, concealed weapon permit. If you don't I would ask "WHY NOT" ??? That IMO should go for your wife also. This is not meant to say that everybody should carry a weapon all the time. Do what you feel comfortable doing.
    But by having a CWP, this helps you and the collective group of CWP holders. It shows that you are a "good guy". And by reading over some of these posts above,could solve some of your other problems and answer some of your somewhat naive and ridiculous questions. I just might give you the knowledge to answer people that have a legitimate problem,correctly.
    Again - - -> NO CWP ?? WHY NOT ?? ---- SAWMAN
    P.S. The people that have directly quoted Fla790 are correct,the rest are internet lawyers that have the potential to get someone thrown in jail . . . . OR WORSE !! NEVER,EVER,ask a police officer or a game warden to interpret a law or give you their "take" on a law. NEVER !!
    "Why just dance when you can "rock and roll".
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