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    CAR - What Say You?

    Center Axis Re-lock. Very interested in your opinions!

    Per the Web it was initiated by a guy named Paul Castle. Much of the system reminds me of close-in pistol technique I was previously exposed to by US Army SF, and a personal friend who is prior South African SF. Also sorta reminds me of some of the "high hold" stuff I have seen Israeli SF utilize to defend against being disarmed.

    My thoughts - there are useful points and I have worked them into my own hybrid system, such as reducing my personal workspace when reloading, bringing the pistol higher up my body upon the initial draw stroke, and reducing the distance between my dominant eye and the front sight.

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    I like the sight picture I get using CAR, one target and one sight with no double vision. Everything done at reading distance to help keep your eye on the target. The local CAR instructor (Pensacola) is Pilotpop. He's on this forum

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