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    My 1973 Thunderbird - 460 Police Interceptor would pass everything but a gas station....

    Name:  1973 Ford Thunderbird.jpg
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    If we’re talking trucks a 1972 short-bed step side Chevrolet 250 6 cylinder,1974 F100 fleet side 240 6 cylinder and my 1969 F100 Explorer 240 6 cylinder

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    I wish I had back my 1966 Dodge Coronet 440. My Mom was first owner, but it began to nickel and dime me to death when I couldn't afford it and that V8 sucked the gas during the times of the Great Oil Shortage. Name:  1966-Dodge-Coronet-440-magnum-yellow-2-1600x1067.jpg
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Size:  320.9 KB. It was originally a nice blue, but back then I had it repainted Canary yellow and all I could look at for the first week was that big yellow hood. But no one ever ran into me because you could see me coming a mile away. SO MUCH ROOM in those engine bays and so easy to work on, but I hadn't mastered those skils then and was short on cash.

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    I was a very lucky young man. My Dad was a certified motorhead and car nut and I reaped the benefits of that! In high school I had a 69 Mach 1 and a 65 Impala SS. The Impala was a beast and the most fun I ever had with a car. Good memories every time I watch Barret-Jackson.

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    Back In 1974 i bought a
    1967 ss chevelle 4 speed 12 bolt car.
    Paid $350 for it.
    Dailey driver
    Race car, 7.0 1/8 mile in 1979. Still stout today.
    Show car
    Came with a 396 now sports a 427
    Went through 3 wife's but the chevelle stuck by my side .
    She was always true and faithful .


    Wish I had her back


    After 44 years she going nowhere

    Sorry if i like it I'll keep it.
    Had a 79 corvette and then a baby came, friends said well guess you'll be selling that vett,
    I said WHY.

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    Don't have pictures of the over 120 cars that I have had since 1964, but my first 2 were identical 1953 Pontiac chieftains. It was an ugly (I loved it) two tone green, dark on top and light on the bottom. It had a back seat that could easily seat 3, 300 pound men, and could accommodate anyone 6'8" tall. It had a 287 cu small block V8 (a version of Chevy's 283). I worked on cars back then and spent about 3 months combining the 2 to make 1. It wasn't my favorite car, but it was my first and I'll always remember it.
    We were a family of 10 at that time, our parents could afford nothing extra for the kids, so if you wanted something, you had to work for it. Across the street lived a couple with only one child, his dad had a very good job, but lived modestly. Their son was about my age, and when he turned 16 (because he was a very good student) his dad bought him a brand new 1968 dodge charger with a 383 4 barrel 4 speed, light blue with a white vinyl top. That was the most beautiful car I had ever seen, he took me on several rides around town and I was amazed at the power that car had. It became my new "favorite car".
    Don't get me wrong, I loved my old Pontiac, but it was a clunker compared to his.

    Thanks for the memories
    Mike R.

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    lots of kids happened in those big old four door chariots from the 50's, 60's

    shotgun weddings...
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    You live and learn or you don't live long....

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