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    Man I hear you! Was with Gulf power for a while and they seemed much more corporate and less understanding. The worst I had so far was the water company in Navarre, what a crooked syndicate. And oh my God tell me about the predatory folks who want to "save" you money on your home improvement stuff! It has taken me two years to find what I believe is an an honest plumber. He has told me horror stories of working for companies who have zero qualms about telling their staff to say whatever it takes to sell unnecessary parts, services, warranties, you name it. I am paying 600 (to include all materials) for the removal, relocation and extension of all pipes to relocate from the laundry room to the garage. I plan to add the old heater to my scarp metal run I make about once a year to try and recoup some money.

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    They're pretty simple to swap out. Lowes sells flex lines if the old lines dont match up to the new one. Not sure how yours is plumbed. Electrical is a breeze its just a simple 220 line. I could walk you through it.

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