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    Quote Originally Posted by Ric-san View Post
    How do you boycott a state you live in...? Unless you really no shit move out, you kinda sound like all of the snowflakes that swore they’d move to Canada if Trump won...and to the best of my knowledge not one of those folks did, all talk. Stay and fight, make a difference. I’m here for the long haul myself.
    Well Rick, I posted my question because of some posts I saw on other gun forums. The support from out of state guys, who maintained they were cancelling trips to Florida and letting Scott know why were large and diverse enough to get my attention. I simply wanted to gauge local support for such an effort, maybe on a smaller scale, that might have some impact and get the gun-grabbers' attention.

    Results: There obviously isn't enough drive/support for any effort that might make a significant impact on one business, city, county, or the state. All is quiet, all is well, and summer is on the way.

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