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Thread: Recent Hunts

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    Recent Hunts

    Well my son has left for Air Force Basic so I hit the field to ease my mind.

    A couple weekends ago I started off behind the house calling crows... we smashed a few.

    Then I decided to ride out to the ranch and I managed to shoot a few more.

    While calling I noticed something about 400 yards out in the cow pasture coming in fast, my first thought was a coyote. I eased to the ground flat as a pancake and swapped out two High-brass #6 for two 00 Buck. As it got to within about 60 yards I could see it was a BobCat. First two rounds got it running right towards me and when she got about 20 yards out she turned broadside and that #6 load rolled her. She was apparently coming to the crow distress call.

    After taking some pics and milling around for ten minutes or so I started walking back to the truck. I just so happened to look back from where the cat came and saw several small black dots... PIGS! I quickly put all my stuff in the truck and grabbed about five more 00Buck as I had no rifle with me. A LONG walk around the woods and I popped out in the field where they were... three of them with their faces in the dirt. I walked within SG range (50 yards) and smoked two of them.

    Then a couple days ago I was putting out some corn for this weekend when I came upon a large group. It was bot-action fun to say the least. Got these three...

    Been waiting on a Pulsar XP-50 since mid November, can't wait until it gets here.

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    Thats some fun there!

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    Nice! Filling the freezer.

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    you are one killing fool, good going!
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