MPSA will be having a USPSA match this Saturday, January 6th, at the Vinegar Bend range. We will be shooting 6 including one classifier. If you are going to shoot the match, please register ahead of time using the following link.

Match Start Time:

It is a must to get to the range on time so that we can get setup and start on time. Everyone should be signed in by 9:15am so that I can get the squadding done and we can have a shooters meeting at 9:20am 9:25am. Stages should be setup and ready by 9:20 as well. If we all do our part to get to the range a bit earlier then we can get done shooting at a decent time.

Who can come: EVERYONE

Match Fees: $10 for MPSA members, $20 for Guest and $5 for Juniors. If this is your first match as a competitive shooter your match is FREE.

What do I need to shoot an USPSA match? Eye and Ear Protection (safety glasses and ear muffs or ear plugs) Any brand of Handgun with a caliber larger than .38/9mm. USPSA divisions encompass 9mm, .38 cal, .40 cal and .45 cal. You will need a holster and at least 2 magazines and pouches. Our matches normally consist of 5 stages with 25 to 30 rounds each so having additional magazines is a plus. Bring at least 150 rounds of ammo. Sometimes the stages require more and sometimes less. Pasting, Setting Steel and Scoring:

If you are not the shooter on deck or reloading after you shoot then you should be helping to set steel and paste targets. This really makes a difference in how long the match takes to complete.

New Shooters: If you are planning to bring a new shooter please make sure to get them to the range early so that they can go through the new shooter orientation.

See you at the range