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    I price anything I sell at a fair price and have stopped replying to low ball offers. I've had several forum members that I've done a deal with and believe that they and I were happy with the results. I pretty much only deal with known forum members and stay away from arms list and other such places.

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    I love the ones that don’t post a price, ask for offers and declare “don’t try to lowball me, I know what this gun is worth!”
    Well, how about posting a price then genius instead of playing games?

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    Yeah, I saw the MAK90 and Daewoo DR200 both at $2,000 each. Someone is really proud of their items. Neither are all that rare and were at one time, undesirable. There was also an FN49 from Luxembourg for $2k and then lowered to $1600. I got a laugh out of that one too. I'm sure there are more but those are what come to mind.
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