I have 5.5 metric shit tons of 40 brass. And when I say metric shit tons, I mean coffee cans. But they're plastic so I doubt they're technically "cans"...but I digress....
I don't have "size issues" so I don't shoot .40....I reload 9mm, .223, .308 and .300AAC. Yet somehow, I wound up with all this brass and a set of dillon dies.
I have no desire to count it all but I estimate it to be around 3500 pieces. It is dirty (not excessively) and unprocessed.
I would like to trade this to a upstanding forum member (yeah, I know...barring that, whoever answers this post) for an equivalent amount of brass or components in the above calibers. I have no idea what "an equivalent amount" of any of this crap is either, so I will just rely on the good faith and camaraderie of these good members. (Something inside me is rolling my eyes)....20171113_222149.jpg

Somebody offer me some components for this brass.

I shouldn't drink before posting on this forum.