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    Thoughts on ATI Omni Hybrid .410 semi-auto

    I'm considering getting one of these. Price will be about $530.00 out the door. I know it's a small gauge but it will be a lot easier for the better half to operate. She's "fat" at 110 lbs. At close range it will most likely do the job and barring a jam, I won't worry about her forgetting, or not being able to to cycle the action in a heightened state of mind.

    What do you think?

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    IMO,much better choices for an extremely close range (<25yds) HD weapon.
    Shotgun . . . yes . . . but maybe sacrifice a couple of shots for a larger payload in each shot. Take a look at one of the "youth" model 20ga guns. Even a short,light 20ga double with one trigger.
    IMPORTANT - - - > have her practice for a fast reload no matter which gun you choose. --- SAWMAN
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