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    Once you go wet you never... Well you know.
    I have two wet tumblers. They are much better than vibrators. The only one disappointed is the wife.

    Also get the large diameter stainless pins. The small pins can jam in the flash hole and need to be pushed out. Buy a cheep hair dryer to dry the brass quickly. If it's the summer you can lay them in the sun on a old towel.

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    I have never noticed my case necks beat up any more with SS than cob media. I have never noticed issues with seating un-lubed in clean necks. I have pulled bullets and not seen any marks from seating them.

    I have both and use both...different tool for a different job thing. Pistol cases I am not as particular about as I am precision rifle.

    I forget which size pins I use but I think they are smaller. I load a good bit of 25 and 26 caliber and have to clean them from the necks regularly so the primer pockets don't matter in my scheme of things. An awl pushes them right out.

    Old dehydrators, blow dryers, and good old sunshine dry them good....and if someone is away a sheet pan in the oven works too.

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