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    1. 5lima30ret

      What gun stuff did you do today?

      I have had mine (carbine version) for almost 11 years and I love it! I wish mine had a threaded barrel. The mags are great and VERY reliable even w/ crappy bulk ammo!
    2. 5lima30ret

      New Intro

      Welcome from Foley, AL!
    3. 5lima30ret

      Handi rifle - pending

      Pretty versatile set-up!
    4. 5lima30ret

      Shooting in Stockton

      Uncircumcised Philistines, savages!
    5. 5lima30ret

      S&W 15-4 snub nose NICE!

      Very nice! When I started as aircrew on helicopters we were issued Mod 15 w/ 2" bbl just like yours!
    6. 5lima30ret

      Vietnam Veterans Moving Wall That Heals

      The Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall is at the Coliseum in Robertsdale (same place as gun shows) until Sun at 2pm. If you have never been or seen it up close you should! Open 24 hrs.
    7. 5lima30ret

      10% First Responder & Military discount at Academy

      Academy is offering a 10% First Responder & Military discount until July 6 with ID.
    8. 5lima30ret

      Funny meme thread.

      The Hi-Luxes were also very popular in Latin America with rebel Marxist groups during the early to mid 80's.
    9. 5lima30ret

      Visiting Orlando in 2 week, where to visit besides DisneyWorld

      Sea World IMO is better than Disney or Epcot. Airboat tours on the lower St. Johns river are cool if you like to see lots of gators and wildlife. Paramore area of downtown is a good area to stay away from. International Drive is heavily patrolled but there are still a lot of criminals preying...
    10. 5lima30ret

      Funny meme thread.

      Toyota Hi-Lux w/ a DSHK 12.7mm mounted in the bed standard issue for third world countries all over. Not a welcome sight for helicopter aircrews :eek:
    11. 5lima30ret

      WTB 9mm ammo

      That 1% is a special tax district created for the Tangers Outlet mall, Bass Pro, and Academy was piggy backed on those 2 places.
    12. 5lima30ret

      SHTF Survival food

      Lowes and Home Depot are the last place I would buy an appliance from! Both use third party delivery service that use crack/meth heads for deliveries! Good luck if you need warranty service! You get to deal with the manufacturer which is not in the US! I use a local family owned appliance...
    13. 5lima30ret

      "Cobra Helicopter" Vietnam Veterans

      UH-1N twin engine Huey from my Latin America all expense paid tour.
    14. 5lima30ret

      "Cobra Helicopter" Vietnam Veterans

      Nice UH-1P single engine Huey Slick early to mid 60's!
    15. 5lima30ret

      "Cobra Helicopter" Vietnam Veterans

      Nice! I have a Huey UH-1P like it out of carved wood from Vietnam. I haven't seen any others like those in many years. All the guys I flew with were on Hueys or Pave Lows.
    16. 5lima30ret

      SHTF Survival food

      In South Baldwin county you could survive pretty well with a cast net and a couple commercial type crab traps. Low tech and very reliable in our area. That coupled with the berry bushes and citrus and pecan trees around my house I'm not going to be very hungry! There's plenty of squirrels as...
    17. 5lima30ret

      Century Arms Ak47

      pm answered.
    18. 5lima30ret

      campus protesters

      These drut college kids need to have their parents "defund" their college education that would slow down the protests! :mad: :mad:
    19. 5lima30ret

      SHTF Survival food

      Campbells Hardware in Robertsdale carries them. They have a lot of other hard to find stuff including guns and ammo :D
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