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    100 grain 38 caliber lead double-ended wadcutter

    I need help!! Someone gave me a large quantity of hard cast 100 grain 38 cal wadcutters that are flat on both ends (like a barrel). I would like to load some for a lady who hates the recoil of her 38 spcl. But I can't find a powder recipe anywhere. I've done a google search and found some 32...
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    30-30 Brass

    Several hundred pieces of cleaned 30-30 Winchester brass. Some de-primed some not but all in very good condition. $15 for 50 pcs/ $25 for 100 pcs cleaned but not de-primed. $20 for 50 pcs cleaned and de-primed. call Bill @ 850-377-2242
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    Smith & Wesson SW40VE

    Smith .40 cal two-tone semi auto 4"BBL - Two mags and case Nearly new in box - less than 25 rounds shot through it Serial # - DSM0394 Contact Bill @ 850-377-2242 SOLD Prefer buyer with CCL but will sell with Bill of Sale including DL
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    Bullet Identification

    Okay, I usually just read and learn. Very rarely do I initiate a thread (in fact don't know that I ever have) but I am stuck with this one. Recently someone gave me a pile of bullets (a large pile). But none of them are identified. I was wondering if anyone knew where I might find a bullet...
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    Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim and Prep System

    Needing a case trimming system and think this would meet the need. If you have one you are not using and could use some cash please call or txt. 850three7722four2 Thanks
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    38 cal firearm

    I am looking for an inexpensive 38 cal firearm of any kind or age. Just need something to shoot up hundreds of rounds of excess ammo. PM please
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    Crimson Trace Laser Grips

    [I have for sale a Crimson Trace Laser Grips for a 1911 Officer's Model. I took it off of my Colt 45 Officers when I sold it because the buyer didn't want it. Older model grips but work very well. Call or text Bill @ 850-377-2242 I'll take $50 for it. SOLD
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    WTB Derringer

    I am looking to buy a Derringer in either 38 spcl., 9mm or 380. If you have one and need some cash please call. Thanks BA 850-377-2242
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    Ruger LCR 327 Federal

    Almost new Maybe 20 rounds shot thru it. Bought for my wife she no like!! Call or text 850-377-2242 $476 THIS IS A RUGER LCR SA/DA REVOLVER CHAMBERED IN 327 FEDERAL. RUGER’S LCR IS A LIGHTWEIGHT, SMALL FRAME REVOLVER WITH A UNIQUELY SMOOTH TRIGGER AND HIGHLY MANAGEABLE RECOIL. It will fire 32...
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    Crimson Trace Laser Grips

    Crimson Trace Laser Grips West Pensacola Call Bill @ 850-377-2242 $75 LG-304 laser sights fit most 1911 Officer’s, Compact and Defender platforms. Using Dual Side middle- finger activation, your standard grip on the pistol instinctively activates the laser without altering how you...
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    Colt 45 *Pensacola, FL

    SOLD Thanks Colt MK4 Series 80 45 ACP 1911 Lightweight Officers Model. Very Good condition. Probably between 300 & 400 rounds thru 2 mags Pensacola Call Bill at 850-377-2242 $700 comes with 2 mags and box of ammo to get started
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    Colt 45 Officers...Pensacola

    Colt 45 Officers Model Mk 4 Series 80 Beulah area of Pensacola Call Bill at 850-377-2242 or you can PM for questions New price $749 Crimson Trace Lazer grips, two magazines some ammo. Love this gun but need something lighter to carry.
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    Primer Question

    I'm hoping this isn't such a dumb question that no one takes me seriously; this is a serious question. I'm still learning the reloading thing and recently I purchased a box of 1000 CCI large pistol primers #300. I have an RCBS APS setup that uses the color strips. According to the directions the...
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    WTB 32 S&W Long Dies

    If anyone has a set of 32 S&M Long dies sitting around not being used and wants to get them out of the way and turn them into cash, I would be interested. PM me please. Thanks
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    WTB Ruger 327 Federal Magnum Revolver

    Looking to see if anyone has one they didn't like and would like to unload before I buy new. I have a Kahr CM9 I could trade if interested along with a little cash. Let me know soon... PM or text 8503772242
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    Kahr cm9 *Pensacola*

    Item Kahr CM9 SOLD Location Pensacola, FL Contact Info Bill @ 850-377-2242 or ba@panhandle.rr.com Price $315 Item Description Trigger cocking double action only. Passive striker block. Black polymer frame, matte 416 stainless steel slide. Textured polymer grip with integral steel rails...