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    WTB AR muzzle cutoff

    Looking for a 1/2 - 28 threaded plug with a hole in it, with a little bit of extra material to hold the work piece. A 5.56 barrel cutoff would be perfect, so maybe someone has one they will part with? Doesnt have to be pretty, the cut end is going in the vise, but the threads need to be good...
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    Ball Mill?

    Looking to put together a ball mill for making some black powder for my flintlock, as well as some other pyrotechnic stuff, rocket engines etc... Nothing illegal of course, that you know of. Where might I be able to buy (Pensacola) some 69 caliber or so somewhat hard(ish) lead balls for mill...
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    Stock, Sight, Rubber M16, .22 conversion

    Items Bell & Carlson varmint/tactical stock. Green w/ black spiderweb. Used for a .308 Savage 10FP, wide barrel channel, 3rd Gen Short Action, Action screws 4.4" apart. Aluminum chassis, (bedding compound present from last rifle). "Karsten" adjustable cheek piece installed...
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    WTB metal milk crate

    For the purpose of toting beehive gear and whatnot, I need a metal milk crate. Doesn't have to be pristine, just preferably not completely destroyed. Cash in hand, or I can trade some just harvested local honey...:hungry:
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    WTB IWB Glock 20 holster

    Looking for something concealable, leaning towards a Comptac CTAC, but trying to source something local as I am going on a trip next week and my luck with shipping tells me the holster would arrive the day after I left. :wacko: Just seeing if there's anything out there... Glock 20, Gen 4...
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