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  1. blackhawkkid308

    SOLD--WTS swiss K series rifle cut to carbine-- pensacola west side

    RIFLE HAS BEEN SOLD AND DELIVERED i have for sale a really nice swiss k-11 rifle that was cut down into a carbine before i purchased it, shoots well if you can shoot open sights, i now wear trifocals and can"t focus on the little notch sights. i have close to 3 full boxes of the sought after...
  2. blackhawkkid308

    for those who load lead bullets

    for anyone who reloads lead bullets i highly recommend the Lyman 4th edition reloading book for lead, it is well worth the money.
  3. blackhawkkid308

    Emory and i had a deal the 15th of August 2020

    don't know what happened as he hasn't been on the forum since Aug 8th but Emory said he would buy my yellowboy 38 levergun on the 15th of Aug and haven't heard from him, i could have sold it on armslist for my asking price and had my money, no show on Emory and now the armslist deal is dead...
  4. blackhawkkid308

    SOLD--WTS/WTT Bersa 380 package-- pensacola

    sold sold sold listing for a friend his phone for offers--8five0sevensixtyseventyten bersa package as pictured $325.00 cash or $350.00 trade
  5. blackhawkkid308

    TRADED__WTS/WTT smith custom shop 460 package--pensacola

    gun has been traded listing for a friend his number for offers like new smith custom shop 460 S&W total package $1450.00 cash $1500.00 trade without scope or bipod $1200.00 cash or $1250.00 trade also includes 4 20 round boxes of hornady 460 ammo
  6. blackhawkkid308

    TRADED---WTS/WTT ruger black hawk convertible----pensacola

    gun is traded and gone, thanks folks listing for a friend-- his number to contact very nice ruger blackhawk convertible 357/9mm $600.00 cash or $650.00 trade send offers to eight5zeroseven60seventyten
  7. blackhawkkid308

    traded--WTS/WTT Uberti 1866 yellowboy rifle in 38 special---pensacola west side

    traded back for sale or trade, buyer never got in touch after holding for 10 days i have for sale or trade a new uberti/stoeger 1866 yellowboy 24" octogon barrel rifle in 38 special, less than 50 rounds shot, have box. want to sell for $1000.00 cash or trade for US Military rifles, smith and...
  8. blackhawkkid308

    never mind please delete

    please delete
  9. blackhawkkid308

    got one thanks---WTB sharps 45-70

    i am in the market for a sharps in 45-70 with globe front and vernier rear sight, preferrably a pedersoli that hasn't been abused. let me know what you got and how much by pm please. thanks for looking
  10. blackhawkkid308

    SPF--WTS H&R 1873 officers trapdoor replica 45-70 pensacola

    GUN IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS i have for sale an H&R 1873 Springfield officers model replica in 45-70 made back between 1975-1981 ser# is 722x is like new, can't find any showing of being fired. beautiful case colors and sharp engraving. my camera will not do justice to this rifle. asking...
  11. blackhawkkid308

    WTS Lee pro 1000 press setup-- pensacola

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD I have 2 lee pro 1000 presses with various caliber conversions powder measure and extra heads, $200.00 firm cash in pensacola local pick up only will not ship
  12. blackhawkkid308

    (SOLD) WTS/WTT Stevens 512 Goldwing 12 gauge O&U-

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a like new stevens 512 Goldwing over and under 12 gauge with choke tubes and exactly 7 rounds down the tubes. lookin to trade for auto 12 ga shotgun or sell 28" barrels and has just extractors, I think it is 1 full, 1 modified, 1 improved, and 2 skeet chokes, going on...
  13. blackhawkkid308

    WTS Dillon square deal B in 357 mag----SOLD

    HAS BEEN SOLD I have a used Dillon square deal b set up in 38/357 cost 459.99 on Dillon site, no mount included, it is just the machine, dies, and powder dumper, sell $250.00 cash. I have loaded lots of 38/357 on it I have just upgraded to 2 xl 650's and don't use it anymore, works great
  14. blackhawkkid308

    looking for used #4 shellplate xl650 dillon or 44 cal conv

    as the title says I an looking for a good used 44 mag caliber conversion for Dillon xl650 or a #4 shell plate
  15. blackhawkkid308

    custom built ammo boxes for sale

    a friend of mine built these years ago out of wooden ammo crates, nice show pieces, first is a dreamcatcher-$75.00, second is on a patriotic theme, $50.00, and last is a US Army 8th infantry division 2/87 infantry built just for me, $75.00.
  16. blackhawkkid308

    new springfield find

    picked this nice springfield 1911 V-12 45 acp up today used at mikes gunshop
  17. blackhawkkid308

    looking to trade for or buy smith k,l, and n frame wood finger groove grips

    I am looking to buy or trade for 2 sets of k frame round butt grips one set of k frame square butt grips one set of round butt n frame grips one set of n frame square butt grips looking for the nice aftermarket wood finger groove grips contact by pm for phone for text or email...
  18. blackhawkkid308


  19. blackhawkkid308

    WTT silver jewelry for 1911

    I have for trade a lot of silver, necklaces, ear rings, and bracelets for one nice 1911, pm for cell number, will entertain other guns also, smith and wessons, rifles, military type, etc. value well over a $1000.00 plus
  20. blackhawkkid308

    WTT gold jewelry for pistols

    has been traded I have a safe full of 10-14K jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, also have lots of silver jewelry also. my wife of over 36 years passed away last September and I don't need this jewelry to look at anymore. want to trade for smith and wessons, 1911's, heavy barrel...
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