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  • My head is spinning from reading legal jargon. When do you turn 21? If you were 21, or were going to school here in Alabama, we would be fine. But I don't think someone under 21 can buy a firearm in Florida, so selling you a gun could be construed as circumventing Florida law, and we don't want to do that. My ATF agent said "I don't know state laws", that I would have to research those myself. At this point, I think we should wait until you are 21, or find some FL regulations that ensure we are following state law. I'm sorry I don't know the proper answers, but if I find out anything definitive, I will let you know. Joel
    I just got off the phone with my ATF representative, and the paperwork would be filled out as you being a NJ resident. I can transfer a long gun to a resident of another state, that is legally permitted to own the firearm being transferred. I was looking at NJ laws, and it appears that a NJ resident over 18 years of age may purchase a long gun. However, I am concerned about the legality of you possessing the gun in FL. I'll continue to research. Joel
    Wow! Those are some factors I have not dealt with before. I will have to call my ATF contact to see how to proceed. Have you ever filled out a 4473 form before? Are you a US citizen? I'm trying to think of all the questions my ATF rep will ask. I'm sorry I don't know the answer, but this is a new set of circumstances for me. Are you considered a Florida resident, or a New Jersey resident? I'll call my rep later in the morning. Joel
    If you came to my shop, you would fill out the 4473 form, I would call in the background check, and if you pass, you take the gun home. I can only transfer long guns to out of state residents. If I took it to your Florida FFL dealer, he would log it in from me, then you would do the 4473 in his shop, and he would transfer the gun to you. If you come to me, I'll knock $25 off the price to cover some of your time and gas. You are 21 years old (or older), aren't you? Joel
    I don't know what I was thinking - you are a Florida resident, so I would have to log this one in my books and do the transfer here in my shop, or bring it to your dealer and do the transfer there. I transfer for free, your dealer would probably charge something.
    I don't think I can meet on Thursday - I will be roasting coffee beans in the morning. I pretty much stay at home too, so I don't know when I would be headed your way anytime soon. What part of Pensacola are you from?
    Hey man just curious how accurate is that ar10? I'm on the fence about getting another bolt action or AR platform
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