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Recent content by Raven

  1. Raven

    Anybody shot these??

    Without looking at any load data, I'd guess that any action would be fine, that it's probably the same amount of powder as the 1550 FPS ammo and that it's only faster because it's a 50% lighter bullet
  2. Raven

    GONE- Man Cave Hanger - Full Curled Alaska Dall Sheep Horns (CRESTVIEW)

    For anybody else interested in Alaskan stuff, I know where there's a huge stuffed Alaskan wolf for sale in Milton. They're currently taking bids
  3. Raven

    Pulling right (shooting left handed)

    The first few things on the pie chart he said were "crap" and that "he's never seen so we're just not going to talk about them" I actually have seen. And that's as far as I got into this video before I turned it off.
  4. Raven

    Choke point back in play

    Becks final statement was priceless
  5. Raven

    Choke point back in play

    I love it where in the Beck video Justin Haskins says "it's all rigged" and for a few minutes after that explains how the big businesses have bet like twice the amount of known money in existence on choking out the non-leftist businesses.
  6. Raven

    Take down AR?

    You're on the right track with keeping the two halves at least bolted together. Being able to fire while folded is where it's at, though. And not needing reassembly after an emergency or some other stressful or catastrophic event trumps any caliber considerations. It's "grab and go" time, not...
  7. Raven

    Take down AR?

    Or any other compact side folding PCC that can fire while folded and doesn't require reassembly to fire (under stress and having just been shot down, so probably under fire and already injured as well). The new Ruger PCC in pistol configuration with a brace is one that can be SBR'd and pressed...
  8. Raven

    Pulling right (shooting left handed)

    Here ya go
  9. Raven

    What gun stuff did you do today?

    Checked out a few things at GreyMan today. Overheard the owner exclaim that like 90 people have bought Class3 items thru him since he's gotten started, so in the last year or so. Wow. And that's just his little Class3 FFL. There's still half a dozen Jay's locations and several others selling...
  10. Raven

    Pelosi demands Biden Transfer Nuclear Codes To Democrats

    She's just jealous
  11. Raven

    Just for fun, home defense weapon

    That's a full auto belt-fed 105mm howitzer... gotta get it right :)
  12. Raven

    K31 Swiss 400$$$ Pensacola sold

    For bolt actions, the only WW2 era bolt actions that could even come close to matching the K31' cyclic rate was the British Enfield. The ten round mags are hard to beat that way. The British' 10 round mag paired with it' 60 degree bolt throw made it the fastest bolt action design to actually see...
  13. Raven

    K31 Swiss 400$$$ Pensacola sold

    Or Swiss bayonet?
  14. Raven

    K31 Swiss 400$$$ Pensacola sold

    Any ammo with this?
  15. Raven

    Zombies, list the best films

    Watched "Daylight's End" this morning. It's a cross between "I Am Legend" and "The Walking Dead" jail. For a free movie on YouTube, it's one of the better ones. Pay attention to what's going on in the foreground and background, and you'll see the lessons to be learned. The director either did...
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