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    Bfisher1970 great buyer

    Met with Bfisher1970 today to make a transaction. He was ahead of schedule and willing to work with me on meeting location. Good experience
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    (SOLD)1000 rounds 45 ACP, Sellier & Bellot $375 (Would love to trade for 7.62/39)

    Was able to buy some ammo a little cheaper through an auction online than I could through bulk outlets on the interwebs. Only thing is I had to buy 2 cases and am not looking to have this much $$ tied up in 45. 1 case for sale at my cost + shipping. Only trade I would consider would be for 7.62/39
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    AK Picture Thread!

    Felt like giving this thread a bump Here is my polytech, its an absolute blast to shoot and has no problems at all ringing steel down range.
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    Question about fps x39

    KY jelly in the barrel ;)
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    Okaloosa Firearms Ordinance

    Best of luck with the situation good sir. I know you have a lot of people on your side
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    Rainy crap day! Show your favorite firearms.

    Certainly on my never sell list. This was my first gun. My grandfather gave this to me when I started shooting early on in my life. The gun sat in his safe from the mid 60's until he gave it to me in the early 2000's. It's got his social security number stenciled on it, lol. evidently this was...
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    Okaloosa Firearms Ordinance

    How's that old saying go, keep your friends close and your enemies closer? As he is a neighbor, it doesn't sound like he will be going anywhere anytime soon. And he doesn't seem shy about making issues, regardless of his being right or wrong. Is it to late to try and make nice with the guy...
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    Looking to Shoot Trap

    Awesome, thanks for the intel. Cant wait to start busting some pigeons soon
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    Looking to Shoot Trap

    I have always shot sporting clays there to attempt to prepare for duck seasons. Ill reach out to them about upcoming events. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Looking to Shoot Trap

    I was first introduced to guns and shooting back in the early 2000's at PRPC by my uncle who was a member their. Every time we went to the range we always shot Trap and it was my absolute favorite. Since my uncles passing, I have not shot Trap since and would really love to get back into it. I...
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    Anyone CCW in Scubs?

    I'm not so much interested in ccw everyday because I feel as though I am in an unsafe situation. If that was the case, I would without hesitation remove myself from the situation. peacefully. I desire to ccw because if the small chance arises where I can protect myself, my family, friends or...
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