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  1. DeFuniak Springs Range
  2. Thanks
  3. suggestions..
  4. Big Boy Toys?
  5. a Lil' Gun Porn
  6. New guy
  7. 1st Post
  8. Like the Site. Concealed Carry Instuctor
  9. found this site on craigs list
  10. New Guy
  11. What got you into guns?
  12. I got a complaint about this here gun forum!!!
  13. What did you pick up today?
  14. Forum Shootin match
  15. Thanks
  16. G28 so Glock makes a .380????
  17. Ruger 10-22 budget build???'s
  18. Web Site update....
  19. Tannerite WOW
  20. New Member
  21. Bad Luck Buy
  22. Representin!
  23. XDM 3.8 in .45
  24. Gun cleaning procedures etc.
  25. Avatar
  26. range on Wednesday morning anyone?
  27. How to remove Duracoat?
  28. Hello from Crestview FL
  29. .17 hmr
  30. Can I trade a hand gun from Al to Fl private owners??
  31. Milton HS NJROTC Turkey shoot
  32. Panama City Gun And Knife Show
  33. Site Outage
  34. New LSAT Ultralight machinegun with Poly cases on a belt!
  35. Eveyone be sure to check out the new group buy section
  36. Blazer 9 mm aluminum ammo
  37. rem 700 adl
  38. Colt model 1902 sporting pistol
  39. Absentee Ballot Voting
  40. T C Arms Encore/Pro-Hunter Pin Alignment from frame throught barrel lug
  41. 223/5.56 ammo?
  42. new guy from p'cola
  43. Caliber selection -- from a Trauma Physician's perspective!
  44. Dicks Sporting Goods
  45. What's Your "Got to Have it" Rifle??
  46. Gun Control on the horizon!
  47. Anyone recognize this tool?
  48. Marlin guns
  49. To the idiot at the range today..
  50. Private Range....You Got One?
  51. Would like to look at a RRA LAR-8 Predator HP
  52. Accidental Discharge: No! Unintentional discharge: Yes. And just plain Crazy
  53. What is on your " Buy it Before They Ban It " list?
  54. Off to the show...whos commin? Forum hook up too..
  55. FFL transfer on the west side?>
  56. More Range madness today.
  57. Safe place to shoot / Good range
  58. [B]Ballistics by the inch.[/B] Great reference site!!!
  59. Great gun reading but you may not be able to take it in the "John".
  60. AR rifle vs pistol registration requirements
  61. Free guns, ammo, rifle accesories, and whatever!!!!!!
  62. Gun Control in Tiny Steps of Progress
  63. who is going to the Robertsdale show this weekend?
  64. Free gun value guide.
  65. need trigger work
  66. I give up! whats with the caliber listed below your profile pic?
  67. suppressor shoot?
  68. is their a market for a win mod 94
  69. Free Raffle!
  70. Muzzle brake
  71. Group buy updates.....
  72. Yugos of gun manufacturers
  73. Marines & Police Prep for Mock Zombie Invasion in CA
  74. Selling to someone that has an out of state license but is standing in front you.
  75. Pro Gun quotes from the ones who really understood the 2nd amendment
  76. Low Capacity 22 Mags
  77. Why do Forum Members post statements that they disobey firearms laws?
  78. What Determines Your Interest in a Certain Firearm?
  79. Remington 700 BDL
  80. range this sunday anyone?
  81. Shhhhhh! Be veeeery veeeery quiet!
  82. What was the First Firearm You Fired?
  83. A Place to Rent and Shoot Ful Auto Weapons
  84. GUN Triva #2 Pictured round comes in .22, 9mm, 30, .45 and .50 what is it?
  85. Amazing Holster
  86. What is the Longest Shot You have Ever Made a Kill?
  87. Local AK Builders...
  88. Help with a booth at Milton GS
  89. Favorite Gun Shop?
  90. New / Old Stock (inventory)
  91. Possible STOLEN GUN FUN!!!! HELP
  92. Cooperisms
  93. After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks
  94. The " F it, better buy it now " thread
  95. Armslist :rant:
  96. Anyone check ammo shelves after last night's disaster?
  97. Anyone home durcoat?
  98. Not even 24 hrs have past.......
  99. Inventory
  100. colt MK IV/ series 80 govt model 380
  101. Favorite website to order guns?
  102. ammunition supply
  103. Ammo q/a
  104. Open view gun what would you do?
  105. It's like a big giant puzzle!
  106. Florida's "Stand your Ground" Law
  107. Local FFL's
  108. Another gun app!!!
  109. One gun of choice
  110. for what its worth on the gun ban
  111. ffl gainesville area?
  112. Mikes black friday???
  113. Reflex vs holographic
  114. Looking at buying a 10-22 pros cons anybody?
  115. gander mountain opelieka al
  116. Whats up with this?
  117. Pensacola Glock LEO/.MIL dealers.
  118. Local Gunsmith Help!
  119. Gun Show (11-25-12) Raffle Results for the AR-15 are in...
  120. AMG Glock Rear Sight Pusher Tool Review
  121. Anyone seen any SIG522s around?
  122. ft walton gun show
  123. Bersa question !
  124. Range Report
  125. Bob Costas needs to stick to first downs not second amendments!!!
  126. Web Closeout Companies
  127. Buddy broke his stock.....
  128. Anyone know where to find a M&P Shield
  129. G23 IWB holster
  130. Need to borrow a 12ga Briley Mobil Choke
  131. Percussion pistol ID?
  132. Fn f2000
  133. Just a reminder
  134. Who could go broke?
  135. Concealed Carry Holsters
  136. how do your clean your firearm bore?
  137. Bullet Casing Earrings- Must See
  138. 10/22 Tactical Stock Questions
  139. SGAmmo
  140. range anyone?
  141. Styx River Shooting Center..... Question
  142. Mounting Optics on old style Mini 14
  143. Tallahassee gun show.
  144. +1 for the Second Amendment
  145. Doing my part for 2A
  146. Stolen G17
  147. Need Help Finding a Good Shooting Bench....
  148. Shipping a gun to an FFL
  149. Tax Stamp????
  150. 22 revolver
  151. Old Numrich Catalog
  152. Chistmas Wish List
  153. S&W Model 60, What frame?
  154. Ever Thought About........
  155. Tracking Guns
  156. EO Tech sight in?
  157. .22 tcm
  158. This is what Connecticut proposed earlier this year. Instant criminals be us.
  159. Why does all the media news orgs and politicians refer to Murders as Shootings?
  160. What new anti gun laws will be passed?
  161. Blued or parkerized advise
  162. AR's and WalFart
  163. Dick's Sporting Goods - Pulls Certain SA Rifles from sales.
  164. WTF CTD pmags
  165. It sickens me!
  166. Cheaper than Dirt Suspends Oline Gun Sales
  167. NRA News - Friday 21st
  168. The gun run and price gouge is in full swing!
  169. AR next week?
  170. Anybody Do Any Panic Buying Yet??????????
  171. Proper nomenclature for firearm sales.
  172. We're in for Fight for Gun Rights but....
  173. No gun or firearm owner will be untouched by this OBAMA ban. Read this my friends
  174. Hollywood - news
  175. Bull##%$ PM's and "FAKE" offers
  176. All these headlines from the internet.
  177. A general rant in favor of a restored America and a smaller government...
  178. "Slaughter Machine"
  179. Morning Joe
  180. ATF Raids Connecticut gun shop
  181. What's the deal with 22 ammo?
  182. Sportsman Channel on now
  183. My Proposal
  184. CMMG pricing policy
  185. Firearm for my niece.
  186. Jacked up F/S posting on Florida Gun Trader..
  187. This is another example of gun laws not being a deterrent. Coke Dealers Sentanced
  188. OMG. Do an eBay search for "AR-15 magazines"
  189. Check this out!
  190. Ben (MasterChief) would be proud...
  191. Possible Weapon Ban Question?
  192. What was Mikes selling .223/5.56 AR ammo for?
  193. AR
  194. Buy NRA Membership $25, get $25 Bass Pro GC
  195. Great article on the Ban
  196. Belgum meteor double barrel
  197. Gun safe question
  198. Your Odd Tips ,Tricks or Tools
  199. I think most GCGF member conceal carry -- anyone packing a rifle?
  200. If 30-rd AR Mags are banned -- have no fear, I have a solution!
  201. How bout some $100 ar poly mags
  202. Walmart calls and asks for firearm to be returned hours after purchase
  203. Forget about 30 rd mags, have you seen the prices on BCG's online...???
  204. New York Newspaper Shows Interactive Map of Licensed Gun Owner's Names & Addressess
  205. NFA Trust Question
  206. any one have experience selling thru guns america or gun broker
  207. Cheaper Than Dirt Catalog...
  208. Pmags!!!!!!!!!!
  209. value of a saiga??
  210. Is it the gun or the subject's mental status?
  211. .223 prices in 'Cheaper than dirt'
  212. Double standard on gun control? Fast and Furious Vs sandy Hook Elem.
  213. Am I a Threat?
  214. Murder by Numbers (no reason for more gun control here)
  215. Feinstein Goes For Broke With New Gun-Ban Bill
  216. FL CCW Appointment waiting time.
  217. Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan Kiss My Ass! Suck on My Machine Gun!
  218. Hoplophobia...
  219. Tax stamp question please help
  220. Heads up 223 tula ammo Niceville
  221. Idiot politicians talking about heat seeking bullets.
  222. If the wife ever finds out
  223. Hey Mods, we need a good Conspiracy sticky/thread
  225. Gun Confiscation Breeds Defiance
  226. Warnings on the 2nd Amendment from Soviet
  227. Dianne Feinstein on Fox right now
  228. the" Modern Sporting Rifle"
  229. Quick Thanks
  230. Barrel threading?
  231. For those wondering of Dick(h@#d)'s Sporting Goods...
  232. Gun Free Schools Act of 1994
  233. Great deak on Craigslist/ Montgomery Al...'Bushmaster M4 FS"
  234. For Sale
  235. WOMAN Arrested as STRAW buyer for guy that shot firefighters in NY.
  236. Here it comes; ATF Guide Book changes title adds.... "Implements of War"
  237. Gun Control in History
  238. Range Time
  239. We are not so bad?
  240. Remington 270 ammo recall
  241. where find ammo?
  242. Here is the double standard: FROM THEIR OWN MOUTHS. Fienstein, Moore Obama, Bloomburg
  243. Lost or stolen DPMS AR10 "Bonifey, Fl"
  244. Old ammo - shoot or throw away??
  245. All the prick price gouger's have missed one area so far.
  246. Shot at Styx Shooting Range today
  247. Current Prices and Availability of Ammo and Mags
  248. Write those letters
  249. New self defense alternative
  250. Help a member find an item post, ammo, mags etc.